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Foreign Direct Investment Leads

How do we get this ‘Big data’?

By combining linguistic capabilities with powerful search functions analysing multiple sources.


Potential candidates for expansion, partnerships, suppliers, distributors, M&As or end-users.

We are able to supply 3 kind of leads: cold, warm or hot leads at various



Target groups

Investment Promotion Agencies, multinationals, SMEs, speculators patent brokers, site selection firms, real estate companies and recruitment agencies


Using Big Data we are able to predict which companies (by industry) are looking at expansion in which countries or areas long before the investment will take place. This intelligence allows any investment promotion agency at an early stage to get in touch with real investment candidates.

With one of our services you no longer have to shoot with hail and waste a lot of your valuable time, but you can focus on actual candidates who want to expand to let them invest in your location or region. It also allows you to beat your competitive regions who will be wait to be approached by prospects.

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