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  • Translog wins €500 MoveMatch’s contest at the 3rd annual WCA Relocations anniversary held in Hong Kong 1 & 2 February 2015
  • In May 2014 MoveMatch gave away 1000 euros at a Survey Competition during the WCA Relocations Annual Conference in Hong Kong  in May 2014
  • In February 2014  40+ locations of Allied Pickfords – The Careful Movers™ in Balkan region has been added
  • In December 2013 MoveMatch reached an agreement with AGS Four Winds with 120 locations in 80 countries
  • By September 16th 2013 MoveMatch on Android & iOS should be available in Chinese language, there will be a sort option on regions & places and the object list will be adjustable
  • Sparber group is the first Spanish adaptor of MoveMatch in Spain
  • On August 20th a search option by region/place on Android has been added
  • MoveMatch participates in the Accenture Innovation Awards 2013. Dutch citizens can vote for this concept 4 times until November 5th 2013   (
  • MoveMatch will be present during the 10th Sino-International Freight Forwarders Conference in Xiamen, China (Mon 16 – Thu 19 Sep 2013) and officially launch its Mandarin version
  • Ace Global Logistics wins €500 MoveMatch’s contest in Barcelona (more info under publications)
  • On 19 June 2013 Apple has approved MoveMatch 1.4 which includes Spanish
  • Since 18 June 2013 MoveMatch is available in Spanish on Android & and in review for Apple approval
  • MoveMatch was present during the Sino-European Freight Forwarders Conference 2013 (Thu 20 – Sun 23 June 2013 in Barcelona, Spain)
  • In May 2013 container port info has been added to MoveMatch
  • MoveMatch is available on iOS (iPhone, iPod & iPad) since 11 February 2013
  • In November 2012 MoveMatch has been redesigned on Android from a survey tool with the option to send a quote info a much more user friendlier app to get a quote in 4 easy steps (within 2 minutes) with the option to do the full survey yourself (+8 minutes).
  • October 2012: all WCA Relocations members will all be added to the app
  • January 2012: Over  30 My Place Selfstorage locations in Germany, Austria & Switzerland are added to the app
  • December 2011: Over 70 DMS locations are listed in Germany, Poland & Sweden
  • MoveMatch is available in English, Dutch & German since January 2012
  • MoveMatch on other platforms will follow
  • Mondial Movers in the Netherlands was the first adapter of  MoveMatch in 2011
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